MOXie WanderLUST / Composer & Sound Designer

September, 2009 / Tiger Par 5

Microsite for game launch

Client: EA Sports
Agency: Freestyle Interactive
Role: Animation, Flash Development, Sound

The concept was to have the user “play through” the websites as if they were on the green. Tiger Woods played as your caddy/guide through each themed site and the ball would interact/dissrupt with the site's contents or elements of the UI. The effect created a quirky “live” feel to an otherwise banal web experience. This piece was designed to promote the new Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 game.

Moxie was the lead animator and flash prototype designer, responsible for creating all motion, initial interactivity, managing junior designers and coordinating with flash developers.

Tiger Par 5 VideoTour from Moxie Wanderlust on Vimeo.

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