MOXie WanderLUST / Composer & Sound Designer

September, 2009 / Dolby Experience

Video Pre-Roll for online

Client: Dolby Laboratories
Agency: Isobar, SF
Role: Compositing, Editing, Music composition, Sound design

Dolby was interested in showcasing their experience via a video pre-roll placed before feature shows on the internet. A simple “on/off” showcasing the audio paired with a recognizable video asset was decided as the best way to interest the target audience. Leveraging his acumen in both aural and visual design, Moxie art directed and developed the final concept and piece which has garnered higher than average click through rates, due to the engaging nature of the design.

This piece plays to his strengths as it creates a way for the user to see how the Dolby experience enhances audio.

Dolby Experience Pre-Roll from Moxie Wanderlust on Vimeo.

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