MOXie WanderLUST / Composer & Sound Designer

Moxie Wanderlust aka MOXLUST

Combine equal parts tourmaline, troll doll, cojones de toros, sonic boom, latex, kittens, vodka, and a white shock of hair, you will synthesize the multi-faceted, hyper-dimensional, globe-trotting producer, generator, promoter and conductor of sound and vision, Moxie Wanderlust (MOXLUST). Charged with a knack for visual aesthetic and design, the melodic alchemist has crystallized as the new kind of artist, making his mark on the frontier of amalgamous, interstitial networks that bleed the way to a new platform of engagement. It started with his hands in multiple jars. He knows what he wants. He’s got “moxie”. And his circuitous adventures would make even Alice spin.

Ricocheting from Hong Kong to London, jetstreaming from Dallas to Los Angeles, hightailing from Chicago to San Francisco, Moxie has scoped the globe for the sound, conjuring and cocktailing what will become his own unique brand of eccentric imagery, music, and lifestyle which he calls “Moxisms or Lustlife”. As one collaborator noted about Moxie’s style: “It’s like riding the crest with a bullet-proof vest.”

As a tyke, he fiddled the ivories. He tinkered with the trumpet. Eventually he realized that he was more suited for the position of maestro of fantastic cooperation. He had a gift for bringing all things together into a kind of harmonic convergence. He jumped the scenes in local clubs as a DJ, promoter, and founder of his own label, Beatnix Labs. He couldn’t be bothered waiting around for the coy industry to bat an eyelash. He was going to charm the pleather right off of them first! Eager to woo the industry, he started Bassplugger with his writing partner Alex C.

One misty, mischievous night, in the back of a club, in the smoker’s patio, wedged between two exposed brick buildings, a casual passerby overheard these words gush from his whiskey tainted lips: “I steal my secrets from kittens.”

Moxie has a penchant for the lively livingness of life. What most call eccentric, he calls butter on his toast. Once he was so displeased with the local offering of tress managers, he flew in a stylist from New York. His music reflects his penchant for the robust, uncompromising lifestyle he has crafted to perfection. He continues to seek and absorb, flit and flail, rise and retract and in so doing, provides the rest of us a glimpse of the edge where all things will eventually reside.


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