MOXie WanderLUST / Composer & Sound Designer

Game music, sound effects, user experience

Client: Ziggy Marley
Agency: AppWagon
Role: Music direction, Composition, Sound design, User experience

Moxie was contacted by AppWagon, an iphone application development house, because of his musical talents and work history with Heavenspot, to create the musical score for a reggae music mixer application. This app was to be branded “Ziggy Marley's Music Mixer” and needed to be approximately 100+ loops of music broken down via instrumental parts (drum, bass, etc). In addition to writing the music loops, Moxie was asked to be a music software interaction consultant and possible music director for Ziggy Marley, if the reggae star's schedule permitted!

Moxie quickly devised a hierarchal layout of how each track would work as well as mandate key user interactivity solutions. Working with seasoned application developer John Morris, Moxie developed a highly complex series of loop based patterns that could be interchanged at whim but remain in harmony.

After the lion-share of music loops were completed and approved, Moxie flew down to LA to meet Ziggy Marley and record vocal tracks that would complete the Ziggy Marley Music Mixer. As his surname suggests, Ziggy laid down some awesomely talented vocals in the studio, tracked to Moxie's loops. At one point Ziggy asked who created the music, and Moxie raised his hand. Immediately, Ziggy and crew laughed out loud in astonishment and admiration! They'd never seen a reggae producer before that looked like Moxie, he definitely did not fit the mold. Jokingly, Ziggy remarked that he might hit up Moxie for work on his next album...

In the end, the app was a smash success as an entertainment app and as a technological masterpiece, garnering rave reviews all over the web.

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